Wednesday, August 22, 2012

INGLOT - My Experience

Well, my package finally arrived, ten days after the initial order online.  Not great, but not too bad considering I had to wait TWO WEEKS the last time I ordered to get my stash.  Both times were during a sale and things got a little hectic on their end, overwhelmingly so.  I still don't think they realize their presence here in the states and how ravenous we can be when it comes to certain products.  Don't know why they continue to underestimate when they have been plastered all over YouTube and various beauty blogs...?

Anywho, just in case you haven't heard of them, Inglot is a cosmetics company based in Poland that is well known for their potently pigmented eyeshadows, especially their mattes.  They have some brick and mortars in the U.S., including one in NYC, but not many.  Most people stateside order online via their website where all of their products are available for purchase.  This is my third order and I think I got all that I need... for now.

I ordered six shadows and one gel eyeliner in yellow (yes, I'm adventurous!).  The shadows with the "stripes" are their Rainbow shadows where three different shades of the same color are in one shadow.  So basically you get three eyeshadows for the price of one.  Genius!!  With this order I have fully filled all of my palettes and I'm ready to rock and roll!

Palettes w/lids
Palettes w/o lids
I didn't want to make this post extra long, but let me know if you would like a more in-depth overview of the products.  I absolutely love them!  The palettes are not like ordinary palettes as they are rectangular with strong magnets on the corners to keep the acrylic/plastic lids adhered.  LOVE IT!  And the colors are highly pigmented and smooth to blend.

And in all fairness, my last two orders were made during a website sale and - consequently - items took much longer to receive than when I made my very first order with them in which I received my items within five days.  Just FYI.

I will do another post on my Inglot stash as well as some of my other makeup items soon.   Who's amped right now?  ME, that's who!   LOL!

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