Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm Leaving

I'm leaving and I'm not going to look back.  This time around, I will not have a safety net so I have to keep moving forward.  And that's OK.  Kinda nervous, but OK.  Change is good, but I'm really looking to make a final change, you know?  I really want to set down roots somewhere and the tine is now.

I've really been mulling over the thought of becoming a New Yorker.  Years ago, I used to live in Los Angeles and I loved it, but driving cross country again just isn't appealing to me.  Been there, done that.  In fact, I really can't think of a place where I'm just dying to go to and live so NYC is kinda leading the pack by default because I have peeps there and I know I would be able to continue my creative pursuits there.  *sigh* But the cost of living... UGH!  And I've been driving for years now and bringing my car to NYC just would not be cost effective; public transpo would have to me my new mode of transport or, rather, old mode because I used to use public transpo for years in Philly and going back to the crowded, sullied netherworld of screeching metal and unapologetic aggression.  This makes me sad.

But I have to make a change in surroundings soon.  Like, yesterday.  I honestly can't think of anywhere else to go.  Maybe Europe?  LOL  No, seriously...  Maybe?  HELP!

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