Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hair Love - Nature's Gate Pomegranate Poo & Con

I'm a DIY person at heart so when it comes to my hair, I'm no different.  In fact, I've been doing my hair for many years and enjoy trying new products from time to time.  Well, up until about two months ago, I've been using Fresh Soy Shampoo and Pomegranate Conditioner.  LOVE these two products: they leave my hair shiny, soft and full of body.  The price, however, is a little on the steep side - $26/each.  A steep price that I could easily justify because I don't go to a salon.

Well, I came across Nature's Gate products while roaming the natural food/product aisle in my local grocery store and although I was intrigued by their line of skin and hair products, I was immediately seduced by the picture of pomegranates on a set of its poo and conditioner bottles.  My interest piqued, I bit the bullet ($5/bottle) and decided to try the duo.  OMG, I am sooo glad I did!

This sulfate-free shampoo is devine!  And it smells great, too!  The conditioner is the perfect complement and both leave my chemically treated, coarse hair shiny, residue-free and super soft.  Absolutely fantastic products.  I'm not a "natural" nut, but can easily appreciate products that deliver more on their promises while containing less chemicals and "bad stuff", for the lack of a better term.

This was a total win for me.  Two thumbs up.