Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I was in the store the other day and noticed a woman at the counter with a portly little boy I assumed was her son.  I could only see her profile as I entered, but once I approached the counter to address the other attendant I immediately saw that the woman had thick, full-grown mustache... and thick stubble remnants of what was once a beard.  I was taken aback by how "full on" her facial hair was, but downplayed my reaction by shifting my eyes to something else in the room.  This was an African-American woman, about early forties and her mustache was thick and coarse, just like a man's.  Umm... think of Aunt Pearly from Friday After Next, but much worse!  And because of her coarse hair texture, the stubble was prominent and dark and stretched from sideburn to sideburn.   Clearly she had tried to resolve the problem by shaving, which is a CLEAR and DEFINITIVE no-no, but with little success. 

Now I'm NOT trying to throw shade to anyone that has this problem or trying to make fun of this woman.  In fact, as soon as I saw her I immediately felt bad for her.  I, like a lot women, have a "lady-stache" that I wax every so often, and I know that women go through a lot with our bodies and hormones so a few errant hairs here and there I understand.  Shoot, I never even noticed my 'stache until a guy told me he thought it was sexy.  I was like, 'Huh?'  I was a teenager, mind you, but I had never noticed.  As an adult woman getting into makeup and all the refinery of being a woman, I started waxing it.  But I must tell you that I was shocked when I first saw my face without it; I actually PREFERRED the way I looked with it over the way I looked without it!  LOL  (Don't worry guys, I still wax...)   But I digress...  Things happen... hair happens.  Frida Kahlo was recognized not only for her art, but also her uni-brow and "lady-stache".  Monique, the comedienne, proudly rocks hairy legs.  Really hairy legs.  My point is, I get it.

But this was different.  This is not a "wax on/wax off" situation.  This was not an au naturel stance on female beauty.  This was an excessive, out of control hair growth issue on her face.  It was such a shock to me that I started to think of what I would do... What would I, what COULD I do if I had that much hair growing on my face... thick, coarse, uncontrollable, undeniable facial hair.  We all know that shaving makes it worse and only -temporarily- takes off the hair above the skin, but then it grows right back... and with a vengeance!

I honestly don't know what I would do.  My sister said she would stay in the house and never come out.  I sort of chuckled and agreed that I would stay in until I had enough money saved to take care of it cosmetically.  She co-signed.  At that point, it wouldn't matter the cost; I would have to do something.  But is there really anything out there for situations so severe?  I know there are lasers, but for your whole face?  And not even that's 100% effective in permanently keeping the hair away for some patients.  And what about scarring?  And sensitivity?  Especially with dark-skin?

I don't know, guys.  I really don't know, but on a brighter note she WAS standing there with a boy I assumed was her son because of their interaction and resemblance so somebody is/was loving the skin she was in, flaws and all!  Again, I wasn't trying to judge but was trying to figure what I would do with that situation.  Whoa...