Friday, February 4, 2011


Ok, you guys are the first people I'm telling.  I haven't told ANYONE what I'm about to tell you, but I'm kinda excited.  I'm surprised... SUPER surprised.  But I claimed it a while ago.  Oprah wants me!

LOLOL!  Ok, ok, let me be more specific.

I've been trying to get on the Oprah Winfrey Show for, like, forever and now that this is her last season, getting tickets has become a lot harder.  But I really believed that I would get on the show.  Honest... I actually envisioned myself in her HARPO studios, watching her come out on stage and clapping along with all the other acolytes.  With this vision firmly planted in my head, I've been diligently going onto her website and applying for tickets to her show every month.  And every month I've received a rejection email with the all too common perfunctory outro "Better luck next time".  I even recruited my sister and fiance to apply to better our chances.  Sometimes they would, sometimes they would forget.  Obviously they weren't as dedicated as I was.

Well, after I applied again for an upcoming show, I got an email today that my show reservation request has been accepted!!!  Can you believe it?!  At first I thought I was reading the message incorrectly so I read it again and again.  No, my eyes haven't failed me.  Ise goin' to the Opruh Winfree show, y'all!  I just have to click on the attached link to confirm receipt and reservation.

On most of the applications, you're allowed to list three other guests you would want to bring, but for this special show they only allowed for one so I listed my sister.  I figured she would really enjoy it.  Yeah, a nice gesture even though she gets on my nerves... a lot...but whatever.  I teased the fiance last night about me going on the show without him because, once again, he had totally overlooked applying for tickets when I told him to.  And now look what happened...

So before I click the link and confirm, I'm going to confirm that my sister will go.  No issues, no problems, just are you going or not.  Once I get her to commit, I'm clicking the link to HARPOville, baby!

Ooh, the fiance is gonna be salty.  LOL! What will I wear?  I have a way of getting there, but where will I stay?  Once I fly in, how will I get to the venue - cab or rental?  Sooo many things to think about!

I'm going to see Oprah Winfrey!!  Thank you, God!