Saturday, December 18, 2010

And So It Begins...

You know, they say that you'll know who your real friends are when you go through something; real friends will be the last ones standing and support you through it all.  But I would also go so far as to say that you'll know who your real girl friends are once you've become engaged... and they're not.

I had a call out of the blue from the ex-friend I mentioned in a previous post.  I had originally decided not to answer any calls from her from here on out, but had failed to recognize her phone number and answered accidentally.  She had seen my updated status on a social network and wished me congrats.  Hmm...  She hurriedly asked how, when it happened.  I didn't have enough daytime minutes to explain it all so I told her I would call her later that night.  And I did.  She didn't pick up.  I left a message.  She hasn't called back. 

Now this other so called "friend" has known about my history with my now fiance (fiance?  wow...) so she seemed happy when I text to her "Wanna be in a wedding?"  She immediately called me back and we started hee-heeing and ha-ha-ing about the proposal and upcoming wedding which I told her would be in October of next year.  Well, maybe a day after I told her she called me and told me that she and her BF were gonna get married and would I be upset about them thinking of October, too.  Huh?  Before I could utter a word, she pretty much answered the question herself by saying she would try and move it to another month because she didn't wanna step on my toes.  I asked whether she was engaged and she said not officially (WTHeck) but they were talking about it.  OK...  Next day, she sends me pics of an engagement ring they saw and she wanted.  I asked when he was gonna get it for her.  She said that SHE was gonna buy the rings.  HUH?  Soon after, she sent a pic of the dress she wanted and was gonna have a woman she found on eBay that lives in CHINA to make it for her!  Then she sent me prices and pics of a venue she wants me to check out with her when I come back to town.  All the while, I obliged her and gave compliments because I figured this had nothing to do with me and everything with her just being excited about her own prospects - imaginary or not.  But then she sent a text about them having a destination wedding in Jamaica.  When I asked when, she said OCTOBER!  What happened to not stepping on anyone's toes?  Heck, what happened to just being someone's true friend and not even considering the same month?  

(sigh) And so it begins...  As my wedding list gets shorter, I realize that life changing events, both good and bad, can reveal who is really "ride or die".