Saturday, July 10, 2010

HSH 3 - Things Fall Apart

OK.  Umm... two days ago, I went to turn on my laptop and the LED light came on, the infamous Apple chime sounded and then.... nothing.  My screen remained blank.  Black.  I restarted it.  The same thing happened.  Rebooted, restarted, turned it on/off, took the battery out, reset the PRAM... still nothing.  Called Apple.  *sigh*  Gotta take it to the store.

The nearest store is located at the King of Prussia mall.  For all my Atlantians, it's akin to the Lennox mall only there's more prep and less hip-hop.  Now that I think of it, it's a little bigger than Lennox with the more laid back feel of Phipps.  Anywho, that's where I had to go and, like I said earlier, I don't know my way around anymore.  But my sis helped me out (plus my GPS on my phone) so I was cool.

I get there and anyone who's ever been to an Apple store knows that it is the hang out spot for the "in the knows" and the clueless alike.  It's ALWAYS crowded in there!  Why?  I dunno.  I mean, how many times can you play iPhone Monkey Ball or plunk around on the iPad without realizing it's all the same.  Cool, yes, but they're all just computers.  Buy one or go home already!  But I digress...

After an associate performs some tests, he says that the logic board is done.  What?!  My heart... "Should I cry?" I ask him.  "No, it's a known problem with the NVIDIA graphics card so we're gonna fix it for free," he says.  OK, good.  "It'll be ready in about 2-3 days."  UGH!!  My computer is my lifeline!  But hey, it could be worse.  I could be PAYING for the repairs.

I get a call the next morning: it's ready!  OK.  I throw on some clothes, a baseball cap and head out the door.  I worm my way through the "knows" and the clueless, yuck it up a little with the associate while he turns on my laptop (at my request) to make sure it comes on then head out the door.  I get home and guess what?  Oh, it comes on.  But the fan is now whirling and buzzing non-stop at a high speed.  I restart.  I "safe" restart.  Same daggon thing.  I call Apple Care.  "Uhhh, you gotta take it back to the store."  (INSERT SCREAM HERE.)

For trip # 3, I decided to get there when the mall opened.  That way I could sorta avoid the ubiquitous horde of Apple stalkers and get out of there quickly.  Yes!  The store is empty sans two other guys seemingly of like mind... The tech that helped me was really nice and patient and, after troubleshooting, decided it was a sensor.  Long story short, he refastened the loose sensor, thus voiding the need for it be to "repaired" again.  I turn to leave and it's like voodoo: the store is teeming with its morning round of wild-eyed stalkers ready to get their tech fix.  I'm leaving just in time...

Get home, turn on my computer... the LED light comes on, the Apple chime sounds, my screen turns from black to gray to my desktop... and no whirring fan.  All is right again.   At least with my computer it is.

What am I doing?

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