Monday, February 23, 2009

Kinda Sick...

I feel kinda sick. Wait a minute... I shouldn't claim sickness over me. I'm NOT sick. But I will say that I don't feel 100%. It's just the sniffles, but also my one nostril is kinda stuffed and I find myself trying to cover the other nostril to regulate the amount of air I'm breathing since breathing too much oxygen through one nostril is very uncomfortable.

(sigh) I hate being not well. I do my best to avoid situations such as this. Whenever someone coughs around me, I either leave the area immediately or tuck my lips in and stop breathing until I think the coast is clear of their disgusting germs. My thought is that free falling germs that have been expelled either via sneeze or cough can land on your face, including your lips. And I lick my lips a lot, therefore, leaving me susceptible to such dangerous bacterium. I don't wanna ingest nor breathe these suckers in so I wait - breathless with no evidence of lips and wait. How long, you ask? It depends. I
f it was a nasty sneeze then I hold, tuck and quickly walk away. If it's a dry cough (as if something was in the assailant's throat) then I tuck and hold for maybe a minute or so. If it's quite obvious that the offender has some type of cold or worse, I tuck, hold for about a minute or two and then blow out of my mouth to try and counteract and force any left over germs that are still trying to find a home somewhere.

Hey, it works!! I haven't been sick in ages and in the meantime, I have built up quite a resistance to the common cold and other such ailments. And whenever I have gotten sick, it's usually just the sniffles. But I'm not sick. I'm not. I just gotta re-strategize and tighten up my defenses... Hmm, maybe hold then tuck for 3 minutes?

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