Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sparkly Orange - 51

This one goes out to all the orange lovers in the house or, at the very least, those who can appreciate bold standards of color.  Ohhh, yeah... I've got a saucy little number that's sure to kick your groove thermometer into high gear and send your orbitals into orbit!  Okay, I'm reaching a bit, but it's a pretty shadow nonetheless.  So, without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to another eye-catcher from Inglot: #51.

#51 is an orange of the sweet potato variety and is from Inglot's Freedom System lineup of individual eyeshadows.  It is a richly pigmented matte with silver shimmer strewn throughout; however, the sparkle/shimmer has a "barely there" presence after being applied to the eye and, therefore, does little in transforming or influencing a final look.  It is soft to the touch and performs well, retaining an all-day, crease-free finish when using a primer underneath.

Besides an orange lip, I really haven't been rockin' any orange on my eyes like I had planned on doing... at least not yet.  But I'm working on it and will conjure up something concerning the hue very soon, you just wait.  Until then, orange you glad I introduced you to this awesome shadow?  Okay, stop rolling your eyes, guys.  Hey, I couldn't help it - I had to throw that in!  Alright... I'll stop now.

Anywho, if your interest has been piqued and you're on the lookout for a cool, orange eyeshadow then I think you should check this one out for yourself.  It would be a wonderful addition to your collection and definitely warrants a look-see!

Inglot #51 is available at Inglot boutiques and select Macy's, and retails for $7 USD.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Shenanigans

This past week, amid all of my usual hustle and bustle, I found myself needing to make a trip to Walmart.   My hair's current length combined with its normal shedding during washing has made it a certifiable "drain clogger" and I was tired of playing goalie trying to keep my  cast off strands from reaching the shower drain with my feet.  So, I was on a mission to find something (anything) that would help relieve my struggle and knew that "Wally World" would definitely have what I was looking for at a good price.

But first I wanted to take a quickie down the makeup aisle.  You know, just to see if there was anything new poppin and guess who/what I saw?  I finally got to lay my peepers on Drew Barrymore's makeup line Flower!  I absolutely adore her as an actress and love her free-spiritedness so seeing this was a real treat for me.

From blush/bronzer duos to eyeshadow sticks to a large array of lippies, Flower has a full stable of products to fulfill just about every facet of your makeup routine.  And what I found to be most impressive was her range of face products, including BB creams and foundations, that proudly listed richer and darker hues amongst its pickings.

(Flower Cream Foundation)

(Flower Cream Eyeshadow)

I did mosey down the fabric aisle, too, just to see what they had in their selection.  I've always been into textiles and such (I even have a sewing machine!) and couldn't resist having a gander at their inventory.

And right when I was about to exit the department, my eyes fixed on the multiple rolls of burlap neatly ensconced on the bottom shelf.  Why, oh, why do I LOVE burlap?  I don't know, but I DO!  I love everything about it and would make an entire wardrobe out of it if I could... but I know that wouldn't be practical.

And so, finally, I got down to brass tacks and found my way down the bathroom/plumbing aisle to secure a solution to my drain dilemma.  Now I was going to settle on getting some type of mesh or wire cover for the drain and call it a day, so imagine my delight to find that they actually have products specifically designed to catch errant hairs from drifting into the drain!  Wow!  And there was quite a selection, too.  But which one to choose...

After looking at my options, I decided on this Deluxe Hair Catcher from Peerless.  It has tiny, raised teeth around the perimeter and small slots in the bottom of its well as a backup, so I figured it would be sufficiently efficient at keeping hair clogs at bay.  And guess what?  It was!  I used it right after purchasing it and it worked like a charm, catching most of my strands in the teeth (the rest in the well) with not one escapee to speak of.  Success!

So that was the gist of all my goings on for last week.  Nothing terribly exciting.  It seems like time is really flying by (and it is!).  I have so much that I still need to tackle and set up, but I'm doing my best to not feel overwhelmed.  Everything is going to come together piece by piece, bit by bit, which is why I'm taking pleasure in even the small things that I accomplish.  This hair catcher thingy is just one more thing off my list of "To Do's".  It's a list that never goes blank; however, it is one that does get shorter and shorter as time goes by...

Monday, July 14, 2014

Adventures In Water Marbling

I was hanging out in my bathroom the other day - just me, a cup of water and a few nail polishes - when I casually decided to have another go at this whole water-marble-nail-art thing.  You know, the nail design where you drop some polish into some water and, if done successfully, it forms rings of color that you can manipulate into different marble-like patterns.  Well, if you read my previous post then you know that my first attempt fell horribly flat with my finger ending up with globs of polish on it.  But, lo and behold, this go 'round was a successful surprise, ending with a coherently gorgeous marbling... and on the first try, no less!

And so, with my confidence buoyed by this fantastic achievement, I cleared out the remnants from the first design and grabbed the items needed to carry the look onto the other hand: one cup of room temp water (I used bottled spring water); nail polish remover; nail polishes (I used four colors); a marbling tool like a toothpick or nail stick.  Having neither of the latter in my possession, I improvised by using an old earring (ghetto, yes, I know!).

I started off with Revlon's Seductive, which is a dark plum.  Holding the brush close to the water, the polish dropped to the middle and dispersed right on cue.  I continued on with the other colors, dropping them as "bulls-eyes" on top of each other.

At about the fourth or fifth drop, that's where things got a little sticky.  My colors weren't spreading freely like the previous ones, causing the previous ones to be more oblong than circular.  So, I shook the cup a little to get some more movement out of them.

I then started to marble the colors by dragging my tool through the dots/rings until I saw a desirable pattern emerge.  I worked as quickly as I could, but could already tell that even the inside polish drops had gotten a little stiffer than I had hoped due to the air drying it.  And that's when I had my light bulb moment: the ceiling fan was on in the room I was now working in, which was causing my polish to air dry quicker, which was preventing my bulls-eyes from spreading, which was making my final design a little tougher to pull off!  But pull it off, I did.  

And then I dove in, laying my nude fingernail directly on top of the design and then flexing my finger straight so that the entire nail was submerged in the water, catching as much of the design on my nail in the process.

After wiping away the excess, this was my final result.  It wasn't as ornate or color-complicated as my first design, but was still awesome... at least in my eyes.  The top of my nail was a little too bare for me, though, so I doctored it up a tad and gave it the ol' Dolce touch!

(Final Result: Left hand)

(Right hand)

Out of the two, I do prefer my first attempt, which is the design on my right hand.  But both are cool.  Also, I chose to do the patterns on top of a nude base because I like the look of "flesh patterns", but I'm open to using colors, too.  And I prolly will with my next attempts.  Well, I guess I shouldn't say "attempts" since I have pretty much conquered the task.  So let's say, "with my next editions".  Yeah, that sounds much better.

And so, with a pocketful of patience (and staying out of a room with a whirring ceiling fan) I have learned how to successfully water marble my nails.  A feat that I am kinda proud of and will, no doubt, quietly add to my list of "can-dos".  And I ain't ashamed to say that I'm kinda hooked on it, too!  I love the randomness of the outcome and even the process of marbling itself.  Yes, some more water nail art will definitely be making its way down my creative pipeline.  And I can't wait to share with you what I come up with!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Aqua Girl

And so, in keeping in tune with my lust for turquoise this week, I'd like to show you the pedicure I am currently rocking at the moment.  All of the lacquers used should ring familiar if you've read some of my previous posts.  However, the design I concocted is new.  I told y'all that I was going to try and get away from the signature flowers I faithfully pen on my toes every summer and this is what I've got so far.  Technically, the new design is made in the same vein as my beloved flowers... but let's not nitpick over the mechanics, OK?  They're NOT flowers but, instead, a quick and easy production made from three simple colors.

These Art Deco nail polishes by LA Colors have proven to be a prudent purchase as they have been nothing but stellar recruits for all my designs.  This being no exception, I used Ice Breaker and White to spice up Eclectic on my big toes.  I would give a tutorial but, honestly, there's no tut to toot about; I literally made lines on my nails with the white polish then followed up with the silver glitter polish and then dabbed white dots in-between.  No big whoop, I know, but I still wanted to share.

So, there you have it.  A little quickie on what I've been up to as far as original nail art is concerned.  It's a lightweight scheme in the realm of nail artwork, but I'm trying.  In fact, I want to try another design I saw online that I thought was super cool.  Oh, and I want to try marbling, too!  Quiet as it's kept, I tried it the other day and ended up with a huge blob of color swirls on my finger, soooo... yeah.  Gotta get that mastered.  And soon.

But in the meantime, I'll be thinking up new ways to dress up my nails (both finger- and toe-) and when I do, I'll be sure to post pics and report back with all the details for you guys!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mid-Week Report: One Hit Wonder-ful

I really didn't want to do neutral, guys.  Nope.  Wasn't in the mood for it.  I wanted to spice up the week with a little bold, in-your-face color while falling short of anything too garish or "artsy".  I longed for a bit of summer on my eyes.  Something simple, though.  So I went about the business of finding a proper shade that could evoke the sense of summer all while working by its lonesome... and after a short deliberation, decided to go full-on turquoise!  Woo-hoo!  And so I rummaged through my stash of shadows, quickly assembled the supporting cast and got to painting.

For my semi-monochromatic look, I recruited the help of L'Oreal HiP's cream eyeliner in Teal as a base, as well as the green-blue shadow stationed in Stila's Artful Vol. III palette to bring a little intensity to the overall look.  But it was the turquoise half of HiP's eyeshadow duo in Showy that took center stage as it was the main player on my eyes, from the top of my lids to the bottom lashes.

(L'Oreal HiP's Showy)

I kept it mainly turquoise, winging the color out and beyond my eye socket for effect, but did line my bottom waterline with a water-like blue.  I also lightened the inner corners of my eyes with MAC's Nylon.  NARS' Exhibit A and Reyna, a coral colored liquid lipstick from Kevyn Aucoin, were some of the other notables that helped in rounding out the final look.

So, it just goes to show that monochromatic doesn't have to be mega boring.  I know that this particular ensemble, for me, lifted my mood and shot some well needed inspiration into my veins.  I was not tempted (not even once!) to darken the outer corner with a black or dark blue... or even smoke out the bottom lash line for insurance; my turquoise "one hit wonder" was hitting all the right notes in my book and came out looking wonderful - at least in my eyes (and on them).  After a dreary and soggy week thus far, I once again feel the zing of summertime.  And, needless to say, I'm more than ready to tackle another mono creation to help keep the momentum going.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday Flashback: UD Show Pony

Hey, guys!  Happy July 4th!  I was going to try and finagle the whole red/white/blue thing into a makeup look for the holiday until I came across yet another untouched/unused palette that I had packed away in my travel case.  It's a memorable blast from the not too distant past that's sure to ring a bell for most of you.  Do you remember this one?  It's the Show Pony Shadow Palette from Urban Decay.

Adorned inside and out with the artistic stylings of LA-based artist Kime Buzzelli, Show Pony is a collection of six, summer-worthy shades of shadow - including one (Smog) that's become the unofficial staple amongst UD's collection of palettes.  Rounding out the cosmetic ensemble is a mini 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Zero (black) as well as another one of Urban Decay's palette staples: a miniature Primer Potion (not pictured).

(L to R: Snatch, Mildew, Flash)

(Top to Bottom: Snatch, Mildew, Flash)

(L to R: Painkiller, Smog, Toasted)

(Top to Bottom: Painkiller, Smog, Toasted, Zero)

All are straight pearls as far as their finish except for Snatch, which is a pearly peach with peach glitter.  All are smooth and potently pigmented with Flash being the finickiest out of the crew and not as forthcoming with its color as the rest.  All are insanely gorgeous and easily prove that this Shadow Box is no one-trick Pony.  And, on top of everything else, the artwork is awesome... which only adds to this UD palette's pocketful of cool points!

So, suffice it to say, I like this palette a lot and am awfully glad to have it in my stash.  Now I've got to put my money where my mouth is and use the darn thing!  And if I doll my face up this weekend, I definitely will.  Either which way, I'm putting myself on notice and adding it to the list (an ever-growing one, sad to say) of makeup items that I must make a concerted effort to use very soon.  And when I do, I'll be sure to put all the details right here on front street for you guys to peruse and review.