Friday, January 8, 2016

A Kiss Goodbye

Hey, guys!  How was everyone's holiday?  Mine was pretty darn good!  I took some much needed time off and spent it doing some things I wanted to do with some people I wanted to do it with.  I also, in between all the merrymaking, took some time out to reflect, recharge and renew.  I remember feeling a touch of ambivalence when 2015 rolled around because I knew that since I was still trying to figure a few things out that I would have to devote a good portion of my time to carefully planting seeds - seeds that were dormant for quite a while due to a lack of fertile ground in which to sow them.  Now, just to be clear, I don't mind hard work - that doesn't bother me at all.  I'm just used to having more details to work off of and I simply didn't have that this time around.  I had the WHAT, but not the WHERE nor the HOW, which gave me considerable pause and allowed my once viable soil to be sabotaged and grow dry.  And so I worked.  Boy, did I work!  I got on my hands and knees, pulled up those weeds of doubt and apprehension and tilled the soil until it was ready.  And then I planted.  I spent my 2015 pushing through all my prior misgivings and planted seeds both big and small.  I planted and cultivated and watered and tilled...

And now I'm ready to reap!

Goodbye, 2015!  My year of toil now over, I humbly gave it a wet, juicy kiss goodbye - along with a couple of pats on its behind for good measure - and sent it on its way.  Hello, 2016!  With much anticipation and wide open arms, I welcome this new year as I am now ready for my harvest!  Although all my crops are not going to peak all at the same time, this is my season to witness some of the fruits of my labor.   And I can already see the first class of buds slowly appearing before the bloom...

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