Monday, November 16, 2015

Rebels With A Cause

Hey, guys!  Well, no sense in me beating around the mulberry bush and/or trying to play coy, so I'll just jump right into it with both feet: this past week was a very good week for me.  Besides getting a lot done as far as furthering some personal plans, B-Boy (aka Birthday Boy) and I took a much needed timeout to indulge in a week-long helping of sporadic shenanigans.  Oh, you know how we do; it was a total mash up of food, frivolity and fun that ran well into the week's end.  Yes, we were a couple of rebels with a cause... and here's just a small sampling of some of the "trouble" we were able to get into.

Now, I hardly ever order takeout or go out to eat during most weeks, opting for a casual chow down at home instead.  However, all that usually goes out the window when B-Boy is involved and last week was certainly no exception.  Before hooking up with my "partner in crime", I treated myself to a guilty pleasure that had been invading my daydreams for some time now: orange chicken with a side of fried rice.  Generally speaking, Chinese food is not my customary go-to, but when it comes to this particular dish, I easily (and eagerly) fall victim to its savory siren song every time.

In addition to going to the movies to see the latest Bond flick Spectre, we also tooled around a few shops, including one of my favorite stomping grounds - Sephora.  B-Boy patiently lingered outside its doors while I ogled some of their shoppers' rewards.

You guys know how infatuated I am with collecting miniature versions of perfumes, so this reward I found especially interesting.  However, despite having plenty of points to cover the tab, I didn't bite.  I decided to hold out for something better and wait.  I don't know what I'm waiting for, but I'm waiting nonetheless.  Oh, and speaking of biting... 

I almost missed out on taking this picture as I was elbow-deep in my mission of shoveling this huge portion of fried calamari down my impatient throat.  OH. EM. GEE.  This calamari was so G.O.O.D!  I am so serious, y'all.  I love seafood and this delectable delight rides high on my list of all time faves.

Now, the calamari was just the appetizer... the prelude to the main course, you see.  And what a course it was!  To those familiar with my previous exploits, it's nothing new: fried catfish with mashed red potatoes and corn.  In lieu of broccoli as the green veggie, this time it was accompanied by string beans.  I'm not a fan of string beans at all, but its appearance on my plate did little to hamper my overall eating experience.  #YUM!

And while I'm stuffing my face with both hands, guess who ordered the lighter, greener fare?  Yes, it was a total gender role reversal that night!  Just to be clear, I am not an "Oh, I'll just have a salad" type of girl.  When I go out to eat, I EAT!  So while I'm in full-on Hungry Jack mode, it was B-Boy who played the "demure damsel" and noshed only on lettuce and cucumbers... and tomatoes... and some other healthy stuff.  Yeah.  I was a little surprised, but hey, that's what he wanted.  #BOOORING!  #Zzzzz!

And you know I had to top the night off with some sugar, honey!  Since my favorite pineapple upside down version wasn't available, I put an exclamation mark on the night's feast with a hunk of vanilla bean cheesecake, complete with a seismic dollop-ing of whipped cream.  Oh, my!  It was heaven on a plate.  I mean, I actually heard white robed angels singing gospels of praise while I slowly savored each bite in my mouth.  (OK, I didn't actually hear angels singing, but you get my drift.)  It was de-LISH!

So there you have it!  I had an awesome week, which was spent with awesome company eating super-dee-duper awesome food!  I mean, what more could you ask for?  Bonnie and Clyde were back at it again; two rebels on a mission to indulge in some gastro-centric mischief (as well as other delights).  And based on the evidence gathered, I think it's pretty safe to label this latest venture as #MISSIONACCOMPLISHED!

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