Friday, November 6, 2015

Hair Love: CHI Iron Guard

OK, so I had been hearing about this product for quite awhile.  My sister, whose hairdresser uses it on her coif, is an ardent fan.  Now, I've said time and time again that I'm not on the lookout for any new hair products; when it comes to my hair, less is more and I've already locked in my star staples.  But you know how the story goes: cat, curiosity... et cetera, et cetera.  So I indulged and then deliberately waited two wash cycles just to be sure.  And now I'm ready to properly spill the beans on it.  It's CHI's 44 Iron Guard and guess what?  I really, REALLY like it!


Packaged in a fire engine red bottle that's signature to the brand, 44 Iron Guard is a hair thermal protectant from CHI - a company well-known for its fleet of flat irons as well as other tools and haircare products.  44 Iron Guard is formulated to help guard tresses against potential damage from heated tools while imparting a high impact shine and hairspray-like hold to styled 'dos.  It's a 3-in-1 dynamo that uses a fine mist of positively charged silk molecules to help build on the hair's strength and moisture from the inside out.


Now, I have to admit that I was a little scared to use a spray on my hair as a styling agent/heat protectant since I've been relying (successfully) on a serum after all these years.  So I did a blend of half 'n' half - using the spray as a base with a touch of serum on top before using my flat iron... and as far as I'm concerned, it lives up to its hype!  Along with the shine, it has awesome style memory as it kept my 'do looking fresh until it was time to wash it again.  I even tried it on its own (on a few sections), always spraying the Guard on my hand first then working it through my hair and it performed equally as well; however, I garnered a little more shine pairing it with the serum (understandably so).  Either way, my hair felt light and unencumbered, never crunchy or stiff as you only need a small amount to get the job done.     

So there you have it!  No, I do not NEED another hair product in my life... but, yes, this one's a keeper!  Worth noting to those sensitive to such things: Iron Guard does have a dissipating fragrance that I, personally, would describe as pleasantly modest.  And true to its name, not one hair on my head was scorched or damaged while using it, so - needless to say -  I really like this spray!  Yepper, CHI 44 Iron Guard is quite the brilliant performer and is going to fit in nicely as an added "gun" to my arsenal of hair products.  #WINNING! 

CHI 44 Iron Guard can be found at Walmart and Ulta, and retails for around $15/8.5 fl oz; $6/2 fl oz.

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