Monday, August 17, 2015

Barbie: My Scene

You know, there's nothing wrong with changing things up once in a while.  Exaggerated eyes with a profusely plumped up pout, she's an obvious break from the traditional Barbie aesthetic.  Upon their novel debut some years ago, Bratz dolls - with their overplayed facial features and funked out fashions - rode an overwhelming wave of popularity as the new "IT" girls.  Armed with youthful bravado and sass, they let their presence be known with a rebel yell.  As a response, the line of My Scene dolls was born, giving direct notice that Barbie (and friends) could be just as hip as the "new girls" on the "doll block".  Out of the many iterations that came from the line, I did grab a few.  But right now, if you're at all interested, I'd like to tell you a little bit about one of the originals.

No stranger to the elements of funk, Barbie decided to take it "old school", getting totally "funkdafied" in a burgundy leather jacket with a faux fur core and split flared sleeves.  Underneath it all is a gauzy, printed tee.

She decided to match the "up top" funk with something just as groovy "down below":  cream leather bell-bottoms with a serious set of split flares as well.  Burgundy wine seams with thick trimming at the waist earns her a few extra notches on the groove-o-meter.

On her feet are a pair of chunky heeled, over-the-ankle platform boots.

And hanging from her shoulder to help keep her unmentionables from being mentioned is a brown leather satchel.  A mean throwback to the 60s, it has a snap closure with whipstitching along the edge of its flap.

Her remaining accessories (in addition to the scarlet red shades perched atop her head) are a pair of silver hoops...

... and a silver belly chain.

Not only does she come sporting a groove-tastic outfit, but she comes with one to spare!  Perfect for a quick change without the fuss, she has a printed bandeau, "barely there" leather mini and flower-printed go-go boots to round out the surplus ensemble.

With her water-blue eyes and cushioned lips already on the bold and overly expressive side, Barbie decided to keep the makeup slightly more subtle.  However, that doesn't totally rule out the use of frost in her mind as she adds a little pink pizazz to both to help up the ante without going too overboard. 

So there you have it!  The My Scene dolls were a whole new visual take on Barbie (spurred on by a dose of healthy competition) and, for me at least, I think it worked.  I don't think they still make the line here in the states, but may have some editions available overseas.  Whatever the case, I'm just glad I was able to get my hands on the ones that I do have and am overjoyed to have them, including this saucer-eyed beauty, as part of my collection!

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