Friday, July 31, 2015

Living Proof Satin Serum

Hey, guys!  Now, before you start looking at me sideways, I want to preface this particular show 'n' tell with a disclaimer: I am not on the lookout for any new hair products.  As I've happily stated before, I've already secured a roster of HGs (holy grails) - including a small stable of serums - so my search for said items officially ended some moons ago.  I'm not even interested in trying anything new... but I got this sample.  Oh, I was going to throw it away... but it was an innocent little sample.  It was a simple, harmless freebie and, therefore, wouldn't cost a thing for me just to try it out.  And so the story goes... I obliged.  Just a rudimentary testing out, though.  And if you're at all curious, I'd love to give you my initial five cents on the Satin Hair Serum from Living Proof.

Satin Hair Serum is an ultra lightweight styling elixir formulated to smooth strands and eliminate frizz while imparting long-lasting shine and hold.  It is just one of a collection of hair products from Living Proof - a company founded by a team of hairstylists and scientists, and is co-owned by actress Jennifer Aniston.  Satin Hair Serum is free of silicones, oils and parabens.  It has a very thin, almost water-like consistency, which "dries down" to a totally grease-free finish.

The serum can be used on wet hair as a styling/blow-drying aid (its recommended use) or on dry hair to help tame and add shine.  I cautiously opted for the latter, pumping just a wee tad on my fingers and working it through to the ends.  Outside of the pleasant, essential oil-like fragrance - which dissipated quite quickly - I didn't see a noticeable bump up in shine on my tresses.  In fact, the serum is so incredibly light that I didn't notice its presence on my hair at all.  My thick head of hair seemed impervious to its fragrant charms, which makes me think that it may be better suited for those with finer strands. 

But, alas, all is not lost.  I am curious to see how it will fare on me during blow-drying.  Since it hardly has any heft to it, I know it won't weigh my hair down (or at least it shouldn't), but will it make it any smoother or any shinier?  I guess we shall see.  I think I'm going to give it a go next wash and will be sure to come back and give you guys an update if I see any significant difference.

Yep, we shall see...  

Living Proof Satin Hair Serum is available at Sephora and, and retails for $29/1.5 oz.

**UPDATE 8/26/15: I tried the serum on my wet hair as recommended in conjunction with my Infusium Leave-In and it was indeed very light and did not leave my hair feeling heavy or greasy.  But, again, I did not notice any significant gain in shine, manageability or lustre; my hair felt and looked the same as always.  Now that is NOT to say that the serum does not hold any merit.  However, I feel that for me and my head of hair, Living Proof Satin is not really bringing anything new to the table.  I didn't see or feel any benefit after using it wet or dry.  It just didn't work for me. 


  1. As you know from previous gushing over your hair, I love your hair related posts. I've tried other Living Proof products and my fav is the Prime Extender cream. I used it once on New Years Day and I got on a hot tub that evening and my hair was still perfect and frizz free the next day. That being said, although I have too many serums my latest favourite is Mizani Supreme Oil. Like your description of the Living Proof, it's very lightweight, when I apply it on my hands I have to look twice to make sure there's something on my hands and it basically disappears into the hair, no build up.

    1. Do you prefer to use serums on wet or dry hair and what do you primarily use them for - to tame or to treat (as a treatment)?

  2. I prefer to use serums on dry hair, I use them to treat and as a finishing gloss. Please consider what I asked (youtube channel) pretty please with a cherry on top ? :)

    1. Yeah, I prefer to use serums the same way - on dry hair. Also, what sort of things are you most looking to see/learn/hear about on a YT hair channel? I know you said that there aren't a lot of permed gals on YT, but there are so many black hair channels that I just wonder if there's really "room" out there for one more.