Friday, June 19, 2015

Crimpin' Ain't Easy

When I first started getting serious about growing my hair many moons ago, I invested a great deal of energy into protective styles (i.e., styles that required very little manipulation, thus guarding hair from unnecessary stresses that could hinder its health and growth).  Any texture-haired girl who has ever donned a relaxer knows that dealing with the kinks of new growth while trying to maintain the straightness of permed ends can literally be a "make it or break it" endeavor.  My initial, tress-saving solution was to wear my hair pulled back in a chignon.  And when I tired of that, I graduated to wearing it crimped.  Not only did it keep me from having to manipulate/comb it everyday, the style helped in blending both textures and was a cool alternative to wear during the hot summer months.  It's been awhile since I've worn crimps, mainly because my beloved crimper went kaput years ago and I haven't found a decent replacement since.  But I want to!  Like, really want to!  So, I may need a little help with this one, guys, 'cause what I've found so far in the realm of crimpers just ain't cuttin' it.

You know, I really wish I had gotten the memo on this iron.  When I saw it in the store, I figured, "Sure, why not?"  I mean, it looks almost identical to my dead and gone Windmere version, so it should perform the same, right?  WRONG!  This Conair Shiny Styles comes with a whole lotta bells and whistles like four interchangeable plates, including one for waving/crimping, but falls way short as far as execution.  It's clunky and did not leave a proper wave in my hair at all.  It's a simple plug-in and doesn't have a dial for temperature control, so maybe the heat's too low for me?  I dunno, but color me unimpressed with this one for sure.  #BOO!

Now, these foam stylers obviously aren't crimpers/wavers.  They're bendable curlers that you can find at many hair supply stores, including Sally's Beauty Supply.  They come in a range of sizes, from drinking-straw-small to Shirley-Temple-big; you want it, they offer it!  When my hair was shorter, I had no problem taking the time out to wind my strands up on these flexi-rods, sit under the dryer and wait for my style to take shape.  But now that my hair has some length to it, just the thought of the time it would take to go through the whole process (let alone how many more curlers I would need to buy to fill my whole head!) makes my stomach queasy.  A rod set would look so cute for the summer... but I just don't have the patience needed right now to even make the effort.  #NEXT!

And finally, there's my thermal crimp iron with the Marcel grip.  I have absolutely NO problem with these.  In fact, I adore them!  More lightweight than my other thermals, they get fire-hot in an instant.  The only thing is is that I don't have a ceramic stove to heat them in nor a gas stove top to heat them on (I currently use electric).  Besides, I need/want a travel-friendly option that's as mobile as I am.  So, as much as I love these, I'm still on the hunt.

Well, there you have it!  I guess I could always do the big Shirley Temples this summer, but I'm sincerely feelin' the itch to do come crimps.  Braid-outs kinda look the same... kinda, but I prefer the extra shine the heat of the iron lays on my locks, especially the ends.  I had my eye on a Conair Infiniti Pro Waver, but caught wind of it way late as it has been put out to pasture a beat and a half ago.  Therefore, my search continues.  So if any of you guys know of a crimper/waver that gives a good bang for the buck, please let me know.  I'm on a mission to find a good one... so help a sista out if you can.  #HOLLA!

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