Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Optimus Primer

Hey, guys!  As you all know, I've been on my spring cleaning kick pretty hard these past few weeks, taking inventory of things and getting rid of stuff that's damaged, outdated and the like.  Well, while rifling through and culling the herd of mascaras I had stashed away in a drawer I came across one that I had never ever opened, let alone tried out.  It's a double-barreled wonder from LORAC that includes an eyelash primer designed to work in cahoots with the mascara for a more dramatic final effect.  I've never used a primer on my eyelashes before, so my curiosity was indeed piqued.  How does it all work?  Would it really make a difference?  Well, I was more than motivated to find out and decided to put LORAC's Special Effects mascara to the test.


An eyelash primer is supposed to help enhance the efficacy and overall appearance of a mascara, depending on its claim.  In this case, Special Effects' primer is formulated to condition the lashes in prep of a proper coating, thus allowing the pigments to adhere better while encouraging the defining and lengthening aspects of the mascara.  Dispersing the product via its white, rubber-bristled wand, I applied the milk-hued primer, appropriately named Grey Pearl, to my lashes.

Accessing the well at the opposite end, I then applied a dose of the mascara, making sure to deftly work the product from root to tip and everywhere in between via its rubber-bristled wand.  A rich, charcoal black with a nice finish to it, the mascara is aptly named Black Pearl. 

After applying the two, I must say that my lashes looked mighty dope!  Both the definition and the length were considerable, and this was after only one coat!  The mascara went on top of the primer without any type of flaking or disturbance.  In fact, it applied just as smoothly as if my lashes were bare.  Also, there was no crunchiness; my eyelashes felt soft and pliable to the touch.  The formula is really nice.  Color me impressed, y'all! 

So there you have it - my first foray into the realm of eyelash primers... and I think they're pretty cool.  Now, do I think they're absolutely necessary in order to achieve a fully dressed and dramatic eye?  For me, no.  If you don't mind applying more than one coat to your lashes and putting in a little work (and with the right formula of mascara) then you can definitely cook up the same results, especially if you already have a nice set of lashes.  But if your peeper sweepers don't have all that great a presence to begin with and/or you would like to achieve maximum results with minimum effort (one coat, no more than two) then an eyelash primer may be the boost you're looking for.  I don't believe Special Effects is still in LORAC's product lineup; however, plenty of companies make eyelash primers, including Clinique and Tarte.  So, by all means, check one out if you're curious.  And, hey, who knows?  It just may be the needed ingredient to help put some meat on your lash's bones!

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