Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mud Power

OK, so I don't use a lot of face masks, but that's not because I have a disinterest in them.   As you already know, I'm a true minimalist when it comes to my face saving routine (i.e., washing with a simple cleanser/soap and finishing with a moisturizer).  However, I do have a peel-off mask from St. Ives that I use on rare occasions as a source of entertainment more than anything else since I find the peeling process kinda fun.  But masks do have their value.  So when I got a mini of one in particular with a recent purchase, I was gung-ho to try it.  It's the POWERMUD Dualcleanse Treatment from GLAMGLOW and, if you don't mind affording me a minute (or five), I'd love to tell you about my initial experience with it.


POWERMUD Dualcleanse Treatment is technically not a mask, but a deep cleansing treatment formulated to remove dirt, oil and makeup via the detoxifying power of mud and a harmonious blend of various oils.  It is from GLAMGLOW, a skincare brand once reserved exclusively for use on those perched behind Hollywood's "velvet rope".  Now accessible to the mainstream consumer,  POWERMUD is regarded as a powerhouse amongst its list of products as the taupe-colored concoction works diligently as an exfoliator, astringent as well as a gentle wash to achieve soft, clean skin.

When I applied the Treatment to my already cleaned, dried face per the instructions, I noticed it had a "fresh" scent to it.  Nothing heavy or offensive, just light.  It didn't take much product to cover my entire face and once it dried down after 5-10 minutes (again, per instructions), it left a sheer white cast on my face that still allowed my face mobility.

After massaging it into cleansing oil "mode" with water then rinsing, my skin looked pretty good and felt considerably clean sans any tautness.  My face didn't feel/look drawn or parched, either.  Much to the contrary, it felt conditioned enough for me to skip the moisturizer just to see how I would fare.  And guess what?  No dry patches in sight.  Also, no burning during or after application.  Not bad.  Not bad at all...

So there you have it!  While this was just my first go at it, POWERMUD may be the power move for me right now... or at least until my sample runs out.  Do I consider it to be a necessity for my routine?  At its recommended use of once or twice a week, not really.  And I'm not having any major skin issues to speak of, so there's that.  But it's a nice reprieve from the day-to-day wash/moisturize/repeat routine I've been keeping, you know?  A spa-like indulgence in a tube.

Once again, I took a chance on a skincare product and ended up with mud on my face.  But this time it's a good thing.  So far, a very good thing indeed!

GLAMGLOW POWERMUD Dualcleanse Treatment is available at Sephora and retails for $19/0.5 oz jar; $69/1.7 oz jar.


  1. I received a sample of this in my Ipsy Glam Bag a few months ago.. I have to admit I was very pleased. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and clean.


    1. Yeah, I like it, too. Not bad at all. Not sure if I'm going to invest in the full-size version, but me likey. :0)