Friday, December 12, 2014

Weekend Report: Purple Haze

Hey, guys!  Well, another week in December has come and gone, which means that we're quickly inching towards the Christmas holiday as well as *gasp* the end of the year!  I can hardly believe how fast time is flying by (at least by my clock).  Having already had a brimful of "busy" this week, I'm so thankful that my weekend will be pretty bland in comparison.  Bland, that is, except for the purple party I'll be throwing on my eyes (and lips).  Coupled with a subdued wardrobe palette, my focus will ultimately be on three "C's": comfort, cozy and color.

Black, white and gray are the hues I'll be body-rocking, pairing slim-fit black denims with a white and gray knit sweater, and black leather boots.

Rounding out the ensemble will be a staple leather handbag, charcoal-gray knitted tam and a vintage pair of Laura Biagiotti sunglasses, one of my treasured "blasts from the past" that I was actually able to hold on to after all these years.

And now for the face.  True to my word in my previous post, I'm recruiting Inglot's glorious #441 along with #439 and #440, which is a pearly lilac, to ombré my lids with.  Accompanying them will be MAC's Carbon and Shadowy Lady to lend a bit of depth.  My cheeks will be flushed with MAC's Vintage Grape blush and on my lips will be a MAC fiend's fave, Violetta - which is a deep, iridescent purple-fuchsia.  

So, there you have it, guys!  That's the complete mock-up of my makeup and threads for this weekend.  Not too fussy, but definitely chock-full of vibrant violets to keep me from fading into winter's traditional palette.  And next week I plan on doing a little more of the same - combing over my vast array of cosmetic wares just to see what other color-filled shenanigans I can get into...

Ahhh, the joys of makeup! 


  1. Very pretty! Purple looks amazing on you.
    The hair is, as always, perfect.

    1. Thanks, danysedai! I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend! :0)