Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Barbie: Exotic Beauty

There's a hint of mystery behind the visage of this beguiling beauty.   Olive toned with darkly rimmed doe-eyes,  she's recognized as a modeling sort who's very well travelled with a fully decorated passport and weighty portfolio to match.  But who is she?  She's been said to have friends in high places, taking a private audience with dignitaries and politicians, and rumored to have been styled by designer notables from Paris, France... one even claiming her as their muse!  But, who is she?  Well, she's a Brazilian belle who loves fashion, plays as hard as she works, and prefers to go by the simple moniker "Exotic Beauty".   

Resplendent in a full-skirted ballgown of greens and golds, this "sophisticated lady" always makes sure she's dressed to the "tens" since, for her, the "nines" is simply not enough.  Her perfectly tailored, sleeveless bodice of chartreuse and gold brocade cinches at the waist and stretches past her hips ever so slightly...

... while an A-symmetrical waterfall of dark and light sea-greens serves as the perfect footer to her fanciful frock.  Casually cascading over the pleated satin skirt is a weft of gold-flecked tulle, which dutifully complements the entire piece as well as aids in giving her every inch the elegance she was going for.

When it came to accessorizing, she thought of only one word: opulence.  Dripping from her ears is a set of gold, chandelier earrings while a matching three-tiered, gold necklace sits draped around her neck.

And keeping her feet in-step with all the opulence going on above and around her shoulders are a pair of gold-toned heels to help round out the ensemble.

As meticulous as she is with her wardrobe, she's even more so with her hair, opting for her raven tresses to be coiffed into a chic, tightly manicured chignon.

For her makeup, she played up her eyes as well as her heart-shaped lips; framed by a set of full brows, she laced her lids with white and hues of brown and bronze while playing up her naturally long lashes with extra mascara.  On her lips is a crisp perimeter of crimson red while the cushions of pout are gilded in a sparkly gold.  Soft pink rests on her cheeks, giving her a faint flush of color...

So, who is this jet-setting, adventurous girl-about-town who hails from Rio and loves to chronicle her traveling exploits in the leather journal (a gift from a very famous Italian designer, by the way...) she takes everywhere she goes?  Well, she's a lover of life and fashion who doesn't mind being referred to simply as "Exotic Beauty".  And why would she mind?  The title fits.  She's a beauty of a doll with great style to boot... and I'm so glad to have her in my ever growing roster of savvy fashionistas!

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