Monday, August 11, 2014

Reunited... And It Feels So Good

Besides owning a good share of their single eyeshadows and a fair amount of their awesome lipsticks, I do own two notables from MAC's skincare lineup as well.  I was first introduced to these years ago - one via the hype on YouTube, the other via a MAC kiosk at the mall.  I ended up buying both of them around the same time and together they remained a steady staple in my collection until I inadvertently broke up the duo by replacing the one item with another brand when it ran out.  A nervy move on my part that I failed to profit from since the replacement ended up being inferior to MAC's .  Hence my MAC excursion a few days ago to finally right a wrong.  I had to put my skincare duo of Fix + and MAC Wipes back together again.

Fix + (now called Prep + Prime Fix +) is a mineral/vitamin infused multi-tasker in a bottle.  Not only can it be used as a skin hydrator, but it can also be used as an agent to "foil" frost shadows, as a mixing medium, as well as a "finisher" to tone down powdery/cakey looking foundation.  Now, there are claims that it will set your makeup, too, and keep it in place all day, but I haven't found that to hold true for me personally.  I do, however, love that it applies as a fine mist and has a light, sweet scent - which I didn't find to be cloying or obtrusive in the least.  I have the lavender version that was offered years ago, but the current one smells just as wonderful! 

Now, when I ran out of my MAC Wipes, I tried these cucumber towelettes from the Yes To brand thinking that they would be a suitable alternative.  Well, lemme just tell you that my face and these wipes never got along.  I didn't break out or anything, but these towelettes burned my lips and eyes when I used them to remove makeup from those areas.  Yeah, I had to say NO to these and re-up on my tried 'n' true.

Not wanting to mess around, I got the bulk 100 count and I'm so glad I did!  Each cloth-like wipe is drenched in a super hydrating, vitamin E cleanser that makes light work of any and all makeup removal.  Besides it being highly proficient in its duty as a remover, IT SMELLS INCREDIBLE!  O.M.G.  Any description I offer will hardly do it justice; it's a fragrance that semi-floral, semi-sweet, but 100% intoxicating!  If you've never experienced these wipes and all of their olfactory goodness then you owe it to yourself to at least go by and take a whiff.  They usually have boxes of them posted at different stations.  And if they don't, just ask if you could have one to smell and sniff on.  Go ahead.  Don't be shy.  They won't mind...

Anywho, I have learned a great lesson and now know that I do myself a serious disservice when trying to replace items that have already proven to be dutiful gems.  I mean, I'll still be curious enough to try different things... but I gotta stick with my staples.  When you find something that simply works well on you and for you and makes you feel good to boot then it would behoove you to remain loyal.  And for me, MAC's Wipes and Fix + just work... and I'm so glad to have them reunited in my stash once again.

Fix + (aka Prep + Prime Fix +) and MAC Wipes are available at Macy's, Nordstrom and MAC boutiques.  Fix + retails for $22/3.4 fl. oz; $10/1 fl.oz (travel-size).  MAC Wipes retail for $29/100 count; $20/45 count; $10/30 count (travel-size).

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