Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Field Trip: MAC

Going to the mall just ain't my thing and hasn't been since I was a teenager.  I prefer to avoid the hassle of both its inside and outside traffic, and do my shopping online.  However, I did brave the crowds recently to make an in-person visit to MAC and see if they had anymore items from their Alluring Aquatic collection as all the items have long been sold out online.  Of course, during my search I got a little distracted... but we'll get into all the details of my wanderings soon enough.

For those unfamiliar, MAC's Alluring Aquatic makeup collection had simulated water drops covering both its packaging as well as the products' individual casings.  It wasn't so much as the products themselves, but the beauty of the too cool for school 3-D texture that had me venture out and the sales associate rewarded my efforts by placing the last two pieces she had in stock in my hands: Modern Lure and Seducing Sound Lipglass.

(Seducing Sound Lipglass)

(Modern Lure Lipglass)

I gave the sparkling berry of Modern Lure and the sandy bronze of Seducing Sound a once-over, but ultimately passed on both.  They were pretty enough; however, I wanted something in a compact - of which they had none left - so I moved on.

I wandered over to their display of Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow palettes and nodded my head in approval of the assembly of colors.  Already a fan of the Veluxe eyeshadow formula, I grabbed a palette to test the newly introduced fare.

Keeping in line with their reputation, these Veluxe shadows did not disappoint as they yielded an abundance of color and were super soft to the touch.  Very pretty...

I looked over to my left and saw a collection of compacts filled with their new Mineralize eyeshadow quads, so it was only right for me to take a gander since I was in the neighborhood and all.

The Mineralize shadows were highly pigmented and had a high shine quotient as well, which one would readily expect from a baked, mineralized product such as this.

I moseyed on over to MAC's Moody Blooms and visually drank in all the colors the collection's goodies had to offer...

... made the trip to the counter a couple of feet away to ogle at the stack of eye brushes, paying extra close attention to one in particular (I'm looking at you, #217!)...

... swung by the foundation station to feast on the new, Shea butter infused, light-reflecting Mineralize Moisture liquids...

... landing, finally, in front of the parade of Pro Lipsticks where I ended up being docked for an admitted good amount of time... salivating over the vivid hues, my mind swelling due to the incessant deliberating over the purchase of all nine in one go.  (Yes, I am lipstick fiend, y'all.)

But, alas, I calmed my beating heart and sated my impulse to buy with the purchase of two items.  In fact, these items were ones that I had been meaning to snag for a while, but just never got around to it.   So, while I didn't acquire any Aquatics, I did procure products from my "want/need" list; therefore, my trip definitely secured a spot in the #WIN column after all.  (Yay!)

I love that my recent MAC excursion ended on a high note.  (Woo-hoo!)  And I'm revved up to show 'n' tell 'n' share the fruits of my venture with you guys very soon.   

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