Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fancy Pants

Stepping up my undergarment game has been the sheer pursuit of pretty from the inside out.  Having already upgraded the top half, I decided to give the bottom half the same attention and treat myself to a pair of pretty pants.  Oh, I have plenty of panties of the cotton variety and other fabric persuasions, but nothing that would qualify as lingerie.  And so I decided to indulge.  (Hey, I was long overdue!)  I only bought two, though.  No big whoop.  But I still wanted to share.  So if you care to hear about the unmentionables I bought, I'd love to show 'n' tell you a little bit about the Rive Gauche Bikini by Chantelle.

Lavished in a delicate lace that fully adorns the front as well as a peek-a-boo panel in the back, the Rive Gauche Bikini is a gorgeous underpinning that adeptly serves up a well-balanced mix of both sexy and sweet.  In addition to its feminine frills, it also dons a petite bow with contrasting stitching on the waistband and a modesty pane underneath the lace to keep everything "undercover".  I found the fit to be very comfortable with no ride-ups or bunching to report.  In fact, I found the pair of panties so nice, I did it twice and bought one in the color Cappuccino and one in Deep Blue!  #WINNING!

So, there you have it - my brand new undercover cover-ups.  They're lacy, they're lovely... they're a bit of luxury for your bum.  And I'm lovin' them!  There's just something about the purchasing and wearing of new undies that makes you feel like a revamped woman.  I feel incredible.  New garments, new outlook, a new ME.  

Yep.  Just call me Ms. Fancy Pants.  Go ahead.  You have my permission...

Chantelle Intimates Rive Gauche Bikini is available at Nordstrom and retails for $32.

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