Friday, August 22, 2014

Enthralled By Enchanting

Hey, guys!  I am sooo relieved and overjoyed it's Friday that I could do a cartwheel (or two)!  And to celebrate the end of what has been a über hectic week for me, I just had to indulge in a tiny bit of retail therapy.  I didn't want to do any real damage... I just, you know, wanted to treat myself to a little something.  And treat myself, I did, to a lovely lacquer whose color immediately caught my eye.  I don't have anything even close to it in shade already in my collection, so I had to have it.  It's a gorgeous, summery number from Revlon called Enchanting.

Enchanting is a dreamy lilac that, upon closer inspection, appears to have somewhat of a pearl finish.  It is highly pigmented and applied smoothly without any hint of streaks or bubbles.  It dried pretty quickly, too, and only required to coats in order to gain sufficient opacity.  The color lasted on my nails for almost an entire week (around five days), which is about the going rate for polishes on my busy hands. 

This is such a pretty polish, guys.  I mean, I simply couldn't stop staring at my hands after I put it on.  It's such a fetching shade that just screams spring/summer while effortlessly exuding notes of playful femininity.   I love this lacquer!  And I'm so glad that I could find (and add) another Revlon gem to my ever growing nail polish collection.

Revlon Enchanting is available at Target, Walmart and, and retails for around $4.99.

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