Wednesday, June 4, 2014

In The Navy - 110R

Hey, guys!  If you're into navy and dark blue then, boy, have I got a triple threat for you!  It's another gem from one of my favorite brands.  I know you guys know me so well by now that I don't even have to say their name.  Besides, the pics say it all!  So let's get right to it, shall we?  If you can spare a few, I'd love to bend your ear on another superb shadow from Inglot - #110R.

Inglot 110R is from their range of Rainbow shadows where three shades of the same color are put into one eyeshadow pan.  110R is a trifecta of dark blue hues, with a deep navy being the darkest.  It has a matte finish and - just like many other offerings from their Freedom System lineup - is highly pigmented, has a nice, velvety texture and works well on the eye.

I just love what Inglot's Rainbow shadows bring to the table.  I mean, you could create a gradient look, from the lightest shade to the darkest, and map it across the lid... Or you could create a gorgeous, smoky eye and use the mid-tone shade to smooth it out... Or you could color block with any of the three.  One pan + three shades = a multitude of looks.  Not to mention you're essentially getting three eyeshadows for the price of one!  Three for one, y'all!  That's a huge bargain!

And we all know how Mama Dolce loves a bargain! 

Inglot 110R is available at Inglot boutiques as well as select Macy's stores, and retails for $9.

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