Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Have Makeup, Will Travel

I've come a mighty long way from having a couple of lipsticks and a tube of mascara that I could just throw into my purse for quick transport.  It's been a gradual climb, but I've now amassed a fair cache of cosmetics that not even a simple makeup bag could house comfortably.  Yes, my collection now warrants the next level up in mobile accommodations - a train case!  And would you believe me if I told you that I happened upon an awesome one at a local thrift store?  Really, it was Birthday Boy who found it, but still.  So, if you have a moment, I'd love to tell you about my second-hand store find - the SalonPro case by Caboodles.

Like most box train cases, it has reinforced metal corners, latched closures that lock and a top handle.  Unlike most train cases, this Caboodles has metal feet on the bottom to help preserve the integrity of the case and keep it clean, and is adorned in a fabric mash-up of pictorial excerpts from various magazine adverts/covers.

Before purchasing it, you know I had to give it a good once-over and other than a nick on its leather handle...

...and slight scuffing on the leather trim on one side, the case was in excellent condition!  #Winning!

And the interior, complete with a stair-step of six extendable trays and bottom compartment, was absolutely immaculate with not one tear or stain on the black fabric in sight.

Sewn into the two opposing walls of the unit are a series of elastic slots for easy storage and transport of various items and tools - an added convenience that I find to be extra cool.  #WinningAgain!

Still attached to the inner drawer and covered in plastic, the set of keys for the latches looked like they had never been removed, let alone used.  And that leads me to think that the case itself had hardly been used, if at all.  #WinningBIGtime!

So, needless to say, I am brimming with happiness over my first Caboodles train case.  Now I realize that I may have to go a bit bigger soon at the rate I'm going, but this medium-size case is doing its job and even putting in some OT as far as helping me store and organize my lot while I'm on the move.  Therefore, I may have to change Birthday Boy's name to Ol' Eagle Eyes as he was able to zero in on something that I didn't even notice at first.  And I'm the better for it.  My SalonPro Caboodles was a fortuitous, fabulous find that was most definitely right on time.  Thanks, BB/OEE!

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