Monday, April 14, 2014

All About Black Honey

Hey, guys!  How was everybody's weekend?  Mine was a bit tiresome, but cool.  I did allot a fair amount of time to playing with some more of my spoils from my recent trip to Sephora and I have to say that I am very pleased thus far.  So you know what that means: a little more showin' and a little more tellin' as I am anxious to spill the beans on a luxe minx of a shadow whose name just drips off the lips when spoken.  It's a sweet topping for the eyes from Clinique called Black Honey.

(Top of compact)

(Bottom of compact)

Black Honey is a bronzey, cherry-cola brown from Clinique's All About Shadow lineup of ophthalmologist tested/sensitive eye approved shadows.  It comes in a mirrored-top compact, complete with sponge-tip applicator and mini-mirror inside.  Its clear underside, along with the simple placement of the shade's name in the bottom corner of the window, allows for an unencumbered view of the product nestled within.  Super smooth and highly pigmented, Black Honey offered up oodles of opaque goodness in every swipe and has a gorgeous, pearl finish to boot!

Oh, the plans I have for this one!  Smoky eye?  No doubt!  Simple, daytime eye-dressing?  No problem!  A stream of color along the bottom lash line?  No sweat!  I mean, there's no stopping the endless possibilities of this versatile, über-flattering shade of pretty!  It is ab fab in every single way imaginable and I'm so happy to have snagged it.  Just add this to the ever-growing "win" column for me, y'all...

And if your interest in this shade has been piqued even a tad then I think you ought to take the time to lay your own peepers on it and check it out for yourself!

Clinique All About Shadow Black Honey is available at Macy's, Nordstrom and Sephora, and retails for $15.