Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Flashback: Stila Silk Eyeshadow Wash

Hey, guys!  Do any of you remember this one?  It's a little item from Stila that I picked up a ways back, but never heard any chatter about.  It has since been discontinued, which is a shame because it's a pretty cool product.  So, if you're at all curious, why don't you take a quick trip with me down memory lane and allow me to share with you Stila's Silk Eyeshadow Wash in their signature color Kitten.

Kitten Silk Eyeshadow Wash is like a champagne colored lip gloss for the eyes; it has the same consistency and appearance of a gloss, and both its clear glass tube and doe foot applicator do little to discourage further comparisons.  However, after application, the liquid quickly dries down to a smear-free, tack-free, no-budge, frost eyeshadow that can go from a "wash" of color to full-on opacity in just two strokes. 

I have to admit that I have yet to use this beauty, but you're prolly not surprised to hear that.  With my Project Pan well underway, I am becoming more determined to make use of products that have barely seen the light of day.  But adding this frost shadow to the list is a daunting proposition even for me, considering I don't find shiny lids a practical option for every day wear.  I mean, I guess I could make it work... but I'm in no rush with this one.  I like it a lot and I'm going to find a comfortable slot for it in my cosmetic wardrobe's rotation very soon.  At the right time, with the right ensemble, I'll pull this baby out and give my eyes a good "washing".  Pics will surely come, so keep your eyes peeled for that Kitten eyeshadow reveal!  Meee-ow...

Until then, have a great weekend and be safe, y'all!  Tootles!

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