Friday, February 28, 2014

Bronzed Chameleon

After wading through an overflow of harried and hectic days recently, I decided to indulge in some therapy - retail therapy, that is.  I kept it on a very small scale; after scouring my local drugstore for some more lip pencils and coming up empty-handed, I picked up some new nail polishes to serve as consolation.  If you have a moment, I'd love to share one of them with you.  It's a prismatic shade from Revlon called Chameleon and it's quite the looker.

Chameleon is a molten bronze with an emerald green shift.  The lacquer has a thin, but nice consistency that glides streak-free across the nails sans clumps and bubbles.  Although amply pigmented, I did apply three layers of color to achieve satisfactory opaqueness due to its thinner formula.  And I don't know when Revlon changed the packaging of its polishes and started leaving the front of the bottles blank, but I assure you that my bottle is not an aberration as I dutifully checked display row after display row of the lacquers and it's apparently a part of their new branding.  (At least it's new to me!) 

Revlon nail polishes have always fared well on my hands and this beauty is no different as it stayed full-blast on my nails for a week before showing some signs of wear on the edges.  And the color is simply magnificent.  I know that many other brands already have their share of Chameleon-like polishes, so the color shifting effect is far from being novel.  But why try and reinvent the wheel when all that's required is to build your own version of it?  Revlon, in my opinion, successfully took heed to the latter with the creation of this eye-catching, gorgeous polish.  It is ab fab!

Revlon Chameleon is available at Target, WalMart and most drugstores, and retails for around $6.

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