Monday, February 24, 2014

Barbie: Spring In Tokyo

Can you feel it in the air?  Springtime is fast approaching and will be here before you know it.  Bright blooms ushered in by warmer weather sounds like the perfect salve for those left beaten and bruised by winter's precipitous blows.  And I know one young lady who's anxiously awaiting the seasonal changing of the guard.  In fact, she's already got her round trip ticket bought, itinerary confirmed and outfit planned just for the occasion.   It's the ultimate renaissance woman herself, Barbie, and she is counting down the days 'til she can spend the start of spring in beautiful Tokyo.

Decked out in a cream ensemble, Barbie may look like she's all dressed up for business, however, this is merely her version of "luxe leisure". 

The over-sized, navy bow at the neck of the raw silk jacket gives it an air of stateliness, while the deconstructed fringe working its way around the perimeter of the collar gives it a modern feel.

Draped around her neck is a chain-link of pearls and gold that expertly pick up the gold tone of the buttons lining the face of the jacket.  Here, the deconstructed detailing can once again be found working its way down the front and encircling the bottom of the jacket, as well as on the edges of the sleeves...

and at the hem of her ultra-tailored, raw silk pencil skirt.

In her left hand is a navy flap bag with gold-linked handle...

and adorning her right hand is a simple, little gold ring.  With all the ornamentation going on above her waist, Barbie figured that less is more.  And being the fashionista that she is, her instincts are right on the money.

And acting as the perfect footer to her outfit is a pair of blue and cream T-strap heels.  Though pointed at the toe, these pumps are comfortable enough for hours of pounding the pavement and taking in the sights of a bustling Tokyo, Japan.

Barbie decided to mix it up a tad and go a little retro by donning a wide brimmed, navy blue hat -  complete with grosgrain ribbon accent and cascading netted veil.  Who but Ms. Roberts could possibly pull this off and look trés chic while doing so?

And when you pull back the veil, you can truly see the understated glamour she effortlessly displays.  Medium sized pearls decorate her earlobes while her coffee brown hair is neatly pulled back in a casual chignon.  Her makeup?  A slight cat-eye with neutral lid, a brown cut crease and soft pink highlight.  A glimpse of pink can be seen on her cheek while her full lips cater to a more overt hue of yellow-pink.  Simple, but stunning all at the same time.

So, there you have it.  As soon as the weather breaks officially for spring, this birdie is on the first thing smokin' to the capital of Japan.  And who can blame her?  This winter has been a beast and I, too, echo her sentiment of wanting to celebrate the first thaw in some type of grand way.  I don't think I'll be traveling across seas, though.  For me, being able to shed some layers of clothing with be celebratory enough.

But leave it to Barbie to make plans to travel to the other side of the world just to ring in the new season.   Jet-setter, businesswoman, fashion guru... the list goes on and on and on!  What in the world can't this woman do?  A fair question... but one I have yet to find the answer to.

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