Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pretty In Pink

The holidays are quickly drawing nigh, which can only mean that an immodest amount of sparkly, shiny things are on the horizon.  And that includes makeup.  So if you care to partake in the visual festivities via cosmetic expression then I've got a glitzy pink that would serve you well.  It's a glitter from MAC called Reflects Very Pink.

Reflects Very Pink is described as a "sparkling, fuchsia pink".  It is a delightful shade of fuchsia that honors its pink side a little more than its purple/violet component.  Although listed as a glitter, it is not chunky or rough feeling, but more finely milled like a shimmery dust.  When laid out, it actually looks like liquid silk.  It's that high-reflective quality combined with its smooth feel that makes this a bona fide knockout.  And like most of MAC's pigments/glitters, it comes packaged in a clear, hard plastic vial with a stopper and rubberized, screw-off lid.

MAC doesn't recommend using its glitters on the eyes, but I can so see this in a wicked eye look, complete with dramatic liner and lashes.  The warning is more likely aimed against the use of their chunky glitters, but it would remiss of me not to mention it.  Overall, you can use the glitters in any capacity you fancy and I, for one, would not even hesitate in adding this brilliant pink to my party prepped peepers.  But that's just me.  You know - the rebel.

So if you're looking for a colorful punch of pink glam to add to your makeup arsenal, this shiny baby may be right up your alley!

MAC Reflects Very Pink (the original, 7.5g version shown above) can be found at various discount outlets, including The Cosmetics Company Store, which is where I was able to purchase mine for around $14.  The current, smaller version (4.5g/.15oz) can be found at their boutique stores, Macy's and Nordstrom, and retails for $21. 

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