Monday, November 18, 2013

On Opulent Cloud 9

I've been a fan of Sally Hansen's nail products for a while, but really hadn't ventured to try their lip products until I saw this bad boy on the shelf.  I've seen other shade selections of this lip gloss, but have yet to see any since that can even come close to being as pretty or as unique as this one.  So, if you please, let me chit-chat with you real quick about Sally Hansen's lip gloss in Opulent Cloud.

Opulent Cloud is a deep, sugary plum with shimmery gold pearl.  It's from Sally Hansen's Lip Inflation Extreme HD line of glosses that plump up the lips via a hydro-collagen complex while providing long lasting shine.  It has a sheer finish.

The gloss comes equipped with a small brush and has a sweet smell to it, one that I would describe as being a cross between Big Red chewing gum and grape.  And there's no wonder why it would smell like the former as it is infused with cinnamon extract.  The strong sting of the lip plumping agents was immediately apparent upon application, but waned as the wear of the gloss progressed.  And although I do not require nor seek the aid of any cosmetic force in making my "soup coolers" any bigger than they already are, my lips did appear slightly fuller, but not enough for anyone besides myself to notice a real difference.

As you can see from the swatch above, the purple hue does not transfer over to the skin at all.  However, the gold pearl translates into a dusting of sparkle and shine just fine.  I did not find the gloss to be tacky, but more on the emollient side as it effortlessly glided across the lips and provided a mirror-like shine that lasted all day.

I really like this lip gloss and think that its unique plumping nature warrants it a looky loo, if you're in the market for such a product.  So, if you see the SH Lip Inflation line in your local store, I say check it out.   And if you happen upon this colored gem in particular, I say grab it with both hands!  It's everything you would want in a sheer lip gloss... but with an extra kick.

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme HD lip gloss can be found in various drug stores and at, and retails for around $8. 

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