Monday, November 25, 2013

A Wink of Pink

Well, I've got yet another shadowy belle from the world of Inglot that merits some attention.  Besides having a full-on love for the color, I have an earnest affection for the way it performs on the eye.  So if you're ready to visually indulge, please allow me to babble a bit about this beauty - Inglot's #362.

#362 is an unabashed bubblegum pink from Inglot's Freedom System lineup of single shadows.  It is creamy soft to the touch and yields substantial, opaque color with very little effort.  It has a matte finish.

In addition to providing a canopy of pink on the eyes, it would also be highly suitable to use as a wash or bold flush on the cheeks.  Its severe pigmentation allows it to be utilized in whatever capacity you deem fit, which makes it all the more fun to work with.  It's like getting multiple products in one small pan, thus making it a veritable cornucopia of cosmetic expression.  And the easy object of my current Inglot obsession.

Inglot #362 is available at their boutiques as well as their online store, and retails for $6.

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