Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Care For An Encore?

You know I had to do it.  In fact, I told you I would.  And this one is for all the neutral lovers in the house, but this is far from a bunch of boring browns.  I was so enamored with Stila's Light Show that I just had to come back for an encore...  Stila's Countless Color Pigments in Encore, that is.

Larger than the average eyeshadow, but not quite as big as the typical MAC blush, Encore delivers an ample supply of pigment power.  Compiled into its hot pink compact is a trio of colors reminiscent of a huge scoop of melting, Neapolitan ice-cream.   The gorgeous hues of mauve, burgundy-brown and vanilla can either be used separately or combined together to create one unique shade.

Just like Light Show, the eyeshadow is soft and smooth to the touch.  However, unlike Light Show, each shade was stellar in performance and each yielded a tremendous amount of color with hardly any effort.  No sparse showings in this collection!  Also, I found Encore to have more of a pearl finish compared to Light Show's satin look and feel.  But please believe me when I say that I love both and find them to be equally amazing!

Colors swirled together to create a light mauve

I continue to be impressed by these eyeshadows and how potently pigmented they are!  It really makes me wanna high-kick myself in the derriére for not having tried these earlier, like, as soon as they were introduced.  But I finally got the memo.  And I am completely sold on the absolute fabulousness that is Stila's Countless Color Pigments.

Stila Countless Color Pigments in Encore is available at and Sephora, and retails for $22.

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