Monday, October 14, 2013

Berry Beautiful 133R

Ok, so after reviewing and falling in love with Inglot's 132R, I revisited and procured another beauty from their vast wealth of shadows and - once again - came up with a winner.  This one is right up my alley as it is in the pink family, which everyone knows is my favorite color.  So allow me a smidgen of your time to babble a bit about Inglot's 133R.

133R is a trio of fabulous hues of berry.  It has a wonderfully soft texture, is potently pigmented and has a slight pink iridescence to it that almost gives it a "glow" in certain lighting.  Quite lovely.  It's from Inglot's pearl rainbow line of Freedom eyeshadows.

When I first laid eyes on 133R, I went into a minor panic; I thought I had inadvertently purchased a dupe for MAC's Cranberry.  But my fears were allayed once I did a side-by-side comparison of the two shadows.  And then I swatched them.

MAC's Cranberry (bottom)
While they are both from the same berry family, they are two distinctly different colors (whew!).  Cranberry is deeper, more merlot.  Meanwhile, the darkest shade in 133R is brighter, more pink.

I've got my eye on one more, guys, so hang in there!  Until then, take your time and bask in the beauty of this berrylicious belle.  And if you're so inclined to find an eyeshadow that would work well against the color landscape the upcoming holidays undoubtedly bring then I definitely think this one's worth checking out.

Inglot 133R is available at their boutiques and online site as well as select Macy's stores, and retails for $8.

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