Monday, September 9, 2013

A Foxy Brown

Fall's not quite here yet, however, I have a wonderful shade on deck that would be the perfect add to your makeup arsenal for the upcoming season.  It's a little gem that I plan on getting plenty of use out of these next few months.  Yes, it's one that I have a lot of plans for.  It's Inglot eyeshadow #405.

405 is a coppery blonde-brown from Inglot's Freedom System line of eyeshadows.  I've heard that it is a close dupe for MAC's Amber Lights, but I do not own it so I cannot confirm such reports.  I do know that it is very pretty, highly pigmented and blends like a dream!  Also, it has a pearl finish.

The shadow itself is very soft to the touch and easy to work with as it offered a punch of opaque color with just one swipe.  I had no issues with fading; the color stayed true on my lid throughout the entire day while wearing a primer underneath.  And it doesn't lean too orange or red at all, for that matter.  Therefore, it should comfortably suit and flatter a wide range of skin tones, which makes this star of a shadow deserving of a looky-loo (or two) if you don't already have a shade similar to it in your stash.  It's a total fox of a brown, for sure.

Inglot 405 is available online and at their boutique stores, and retails for $6.  

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