Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Adventures in Toe Painting

I'm a DIY girl at heart.  So when it comes to manis and pedis, I really don't have a problem with pulling out the polishes and doing the work myself.  I've been slipping on my toe game as of recent; been rocking sneakers more often than not and when I have donned sandals, it's just been a plain, uni-colored set of ten toes.  But this weekend I wanted to step it up a little... so I did.  Now, needless to say, I'm no professional.  My artwork is no Bearden or Matisse and it's FAR from perfect, but I'd like to think it's still wearable.  Presentable.  So here we go:

I grabbed a bunch of colors that might work well together, including China Glaze's Black Diamond (reviewed here) as the main color and Essie's flesh colored Fed Up as the base for the big toe.

I don't have the professional manicurist brushes, but I have bogarted the thin brushes that came in the set of cheapo nail art polishes I found on sale a while ago at Sally's Beauty Supply.  These will help me do the line work in the design.

After painting my toes in Black Diamond and Essie (big toe), I took a gold polish (Revlon's Gold Rush) and made three fat lines (almost like a "W") starting from the bottom corner.

Next, I put three red dashes (Revlon Red) in the middle of the gold swipes.

I then outlined the red and gold in black shaped "petals" using the thin nail brush.

Then I went a tad bit crazy and added some sprouting black lines from in between the gold petals and a few black dots.  For the inner-middle of the flower, I put a dab of white in the very corner.

And finally, for a dash of sparkle and extra "oomph", I enlisted the help of Boom Boom Pow by Deborah Lippmann and carefully added it to the gold petals.  A clear top coat concluded the designing session.

Pretty simple, huh?  Again, mistakes and errors abound in my improvised design, but hey... I like it!  It's far from boring and you can only see my hiccups if your eyeballs are literally on top of feet.  And it's seriously not that serious to be doing all that.  Besides, I will get better with more practice.  But for now, I'm quite happy with my gold flowers.

So am I the only novice who likes to experiment from time to time and be creative with her pedicure?  Can't be!  Where are all my DIYers?  If you're in the house, be proud!  Raise your hands - and toes - and get to paintin'! 

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