Monday, June 3, 2013

Barbie: Uptown Chic

She can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan.  She's a businesswoman, savvy fashionista and all around "girl about town".  She's the perfect combination of smarts, sass and sophistication.  In lieu of a cape, she dons a multicolored shawl around her neck.  She is the ultimate "superwoman" of the 90s... She is Uptown Chic Barbie.

Dressed in a sharp, double-breasted, purple pantsuit and draped in brightly hued accessories, Uptown Chic Barbie perfectly embodies the zeitgeist of that time.

With gold being the preferred "bling" in the 90s, this renaissance beauty definitely stays on trend with her gold-chained, exotic-skinned handbag and gold rimmed glasses.

No smartphone or fancy gadgets here!  Clutched at the ready in her right hand is the predecessor to the iPhone - a good old-fashioned cell phone, complete with cumbersome push buttons for dialing and a huge antenna protruding from the side.

Five- or six-inch heels?  Ain't nobody got time for that!  On her feet are a pair of practical, black loafers with a medium heel; just right for hopping on and off subways or in and out of cabs without missing a step... or rolling an ankle.

Simple, gold studded earrings adorn her ears...

And once you remove her yellow, large brimmed hat, you can see how her hair is styled and cut.  It's cut extremely short and blown out straight.  And do you see her eyelashes?  Her lashes are long and pronounced, much like those of the Diahann Carroll doll.

No shrinking violet when it comes to painting her face, Uptown's makeup is fabulous as she showcases a pale purple lid with a magenta crease and tops it off with a fierce, wine colored lip.

So you see, Uptown Chic Barbie is just a 90s girl living in her 90s world.  She thrives on flaunting her business acumen in the boardroom and revels in kicking up her heels after hours with her girlfriends.  And judging from her smile, she's found the perfect balance between the two and is determined to live life to the fullest.  Very cool doll, indeed.

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