Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Jammin' Pigment

Ooh, have I got a plush purple for you guys!  I wish I had gotten into makeup sooner so that I could have purchased this pigment back when MAC offered it in bigger vials - it's so pretty.  But judging from how often I wear makeup versus how much I have, I'm fairly certain this will be more than enough.  But it's so pretty! 

If you're into purples, I'd like for you to feast your eyes on Grape pigment from MAC.

Grape is a deep, robust purple with strong red undertones.  It is finely milled and extremely soft to the touch.  Like all of MAC's loose pigments, it comes in a narrow vial with a stopper and rubberized, screw on lid.  This beauty is packed with color and has a pearl finish.

I really can't wait to pair this with the sample of Fuchsia pigment I have stashed away.  OMG, it's going to look SO good.  And remember - pigments are not just for use on the eyes.  You could easily mix this into a lip gloss, apply it on top of a lipstick or mix this with a little bit of a beeswax or petroleum based product and create an awesome purple pout.  Cool, huh?  Totally.

Funny enough, I could no longer find Grape pigment on MAC's website, but was able to purchase it from the MAC store.  It is also available at Nordstrom, both the store and online site.  So if you're the least bit interested in this, by all means, please check it out.

MAC Grape pigment retails for $21.

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