Monday, April 22, 2013

White Metals

Looks can be very deceiving. What may seem like a simple color, upon further inspection, may actually turn out to be a little more complex.  Such is the case with two lovely items I happen to be very fond of: MAC's Vanilla pigment and NARS' Albatross.  Let's have a chat about Albatross first, shall we?

Upon first inspection, Albatross looks to be an unassuming, ivory-white cheek product.  It's finely milled, like most of NARS' powdered products, but its stark color could be viewed as intimidating...

... until you swatch it and discover that the ivory-white is more of a white gold as it yields a soft, gilded shimmer upon application.

The swatch above is obviously heavy.  However, with a lighter hand and blending, the yellow-goldness of Albatross prevails and serves as the perfect highlight for the cheeks as well as under the brow and even your décolletage.

Now Vanilla is a loose powder pigment from MAC's permanent line of products and it behaves in almost the same manner.  It's a seemingly coy, off-white color that, at first, appears to be pretty basic.

It comes in a clear, vial-like container with a plastic stopper and rubberized lid.  No big deal, right?  The color seems quite ordinary...

... until you take a peek inside,

and take a swatch of the contents, which will immediately reveal Vanilla's true beauty.  The ivory white pigment is actually more of a white bronze and it is ab fab!  The picture above is not doing this shade any justice; if you're not already familiar with this frost white then you may have to see it in person in order to truly appreciate it.  And for those already acquainted with Vanilla, I'm sure you will quickly co-sign my sentiment when I say that it is downright pretty.

MAC Vanilla (above), NARS Albatross (below)
In comparing the two, you can see the difference in undertones and finishes.  But both are equally gorgeous and versatile in their uses.  Besides using it on the eyes and/or cheeks as a highlight, a little shake of Vanilla in a clear lipgloss will give you an awesome lacquer for your lips! (You can thank me later.)

Two delightfully deceitful products that prove to be more faceted than their ivory-white exteriors would imply.  

MAC Vanilla pigment can be found at Macy's and MAC stores, and retails for $21.  NARS Albatross can be found at Sephora and retails for $29.


  1. Vanilla looks lovely, I've never paid too much attention to it, but now I may have to. have you ever tried the tan pigment by MAC, btw?

  2. I want to say that I have seen Tan pigment up close and personal, but it was a long time ago and probably warrants another look seeing that I've heard so many say that it's just as pretty. Do you have it? If so, what's your take on it?

  3. No, I don't have it :( it's been awhile since I've purchased a pigment, there was a time when all i used were pigments lol. But now that I use less eye products i surely can't use them as often. But if I do purchase it, I'll definitely write up a post about it :)

  4. Cool! Let me know and I'll do the same ;0)