Monday, February 25, 2013

Thank You, Wojciech Inglot

I just heard the sad news that Polish chemist and Inglot cosmetics founder Wojciech Inglot passed away suddenly this past Saturday.  He was only 57.  I think you guys already know how much I love Inglot's products, especially their high performing, highly pigmented eyeshadows.  So I figure it only fitting that I dedicate today's post to highlighting three more gorgeous colors from their Freedom System lineup: Inglot 409, 415 and 105R. 

First off, I absolutely love their Freedom System eyeshadow palettes.  I think they're genius.  They come in a variety of sizes that allow you to customize and fill the palette with the shadows of your choosing; this mini palette is their trio. 

The lid is a see-through plastic/acrylic that is secured by small magnets situated at opposite ends of the palette.

The size of the magnets belie their actual strength.  Once engaged, they firmly lock together and stay locked, thus providing the shadows full protection and keeping them safe from harm.

Left to right: 409, 415 and 105R
I picked two pearls (Inglot 409 and 415) and one of their matte rainbows (Inglot 105R) to fill my 3-shadow palette.  All three shadows, including the matte, are soft to the touch and have excellent color payoff.  All are easy to blend and last all day on my lids with a primer underneath.

Inglot 409 (above), 415 (below)

I happened to come across Inglot right when I was becoming hardcore with my makeup game.  The consistency in the quality and performance of their shadows made me fall in love with mattes when all I had desired up to that point were pearls and frosts.  Not only are the shadows superb, but their gel liners are lovely, too!  I love their unique approach in designing the palettes and their command of the color spectrum, allowing those of us who are unafraid to frolic in bold, bright hues in just about every cosmetic medium possible.  I love that.  I truly appreciate that.  I thoroughly enjoy it.  And that's why I would just like to say 'thank you'.  Thank you, Wojciech Inglot, for bringing a little whimsy to the world of makeup and making it so much fun.

Inglot shadows and palettes can be found on their website and at select Macy's.  Inglot 409 and 415 retail for $6 each; Inglot 105R and the 3-shadow Freedom palette retail for $8 each.

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