Monday, August 27, 2012

Nature's Gate Herbal Poo

Okay, here's another shout out - Nature's Gate Herbal shampoo and Aloe Vera conditioner.  Love this stuff, especially the poo.  It smells just like the name suggests, but it isn't overwhelming or unpleasant.  At least not to me.  And it leaves my hair feeling clean but not stripped.

I use different serums in my hair when styling and, as you may already know, these can leave the hair weighed down as it gets dirty and leave a residue even after washing.  This residue can make hairstyling difficult, leaving hair limp and curls less bouncy.  So I needed a good clarifying shampoo effective enough to rid my hair of the lingering serums, but gentle enough to not strip my hair and leave it dry.  After scouring the counters at my local grocery store I stumbled on this dynamic duo to add to my arsenal and I'm very happy.

The product lathers well and at just $4.99, is very affordable.  The Aloe Vera leaves my hair feeling soft, but I don't use it as much because I LOVE my pomegranate con.  The Fresh one.  Oh, yeah, I went back to that one...

Anywho, I'm often asked what I use on my hair so I think I'll just post my full arsenal of HG (holy grail) products during the next week or so and a rundown of how I do my hair.  Guess it would help if you actually saw my hair as well.  I mean, I could be as bald as an eagle (they're not really bald, though; don't know why they're called that) tellin' you this and that, recommending all these products and can't even make myself look halfway presentable.  But these prods work for me...  And if me sharing could help someone then all the better.

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