Monday, July 5, 2010

Home Sweet Home 2

Last night, my sister and I (and my niece) went over to my sis' friend's house to watch the fireworks from his balcony.  We came in and immediately went outside where a few had already gathered for the festivities.  As I peered out at the skyline, the women started chatting about something, but that's not what caught my attention.  The infamous Philly accent is what piqued me.  I had no idea that there was one until someone NOT from Philly told me I had it.  But I don't.  Not compared to these women.  Now I'm not knocking anyone, but they had a twang and a pop in their delivery that was a cross between Jersey and NY, but clearly not (Jersey tends to be more nasal making the words sound thinner, if you will.  NY is fuller, almost like the words are too heavy to pronounce, typically with a higher inflection at the end of their sentences like they're asking a question even when they're not - MY OPINION).

But this accent turned me off.  And they were talking about NOTHING!  Granted, that's their right.  And who am I to judge the validity of other people's convos?  Nobody.  But it just annoyed me so I quickly tuned them out and started to sink inside myself.  I focused in on the bright lights and the faint BOOM! POWS! in the far distance.  I looked over the iron railing that I was confidently leaning against and wondered what car I would land on if I were to fall or if the railing were to give way... I probably would have just slammed onto the concrete in the parking lot.  My mind was taking me away and I was drifting.  I wanted to be stimulated, but I wasn't... so I left.

When the show was over, I text my sis (who disappeared soon after arrival) and let her know I was ready to go.  She was already in the car.  Later, she explained that she just didn't feel like being around anyone that night.  No matter.  I grabbed my niece and joined her in the parking lot for departure.

I'mma make some phone calls tomorrow and see if I can hook up with some of my contemporaries.  You know, old school mates and such.  Gotta feel my way back in.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 101 degrees.  Sounds like hell to me.


  1. sorry the 4th was such a bust! hoping you find some common ground soon.

    p.s i'm diggin the new layout. very cool!