Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh, Baby!

Well, I think it's finally hitting me. I've been holding it off for a long time now. No, correction - I haven't been holding it off. It just hasn't hit me... until now. I am feeling that urge. My clock is ticking... a little louder than before.

I want to have a baby.

I guess me
watching baby shows and the like is not helping. Today, while trying to turn to CNN and get up to date with something I heard on a social networking site, I stumbled on A Baby Story: a show on TLC that chronicles a new mother's journey up until the day of delivery. The husband and wife were idyllic (handsome, loving, etc.) and they already had a 2yr. old daughter that was as cute as a button! They were awaiting and preparing the coming of their second child and I sat there and started wondering - "I wonder what my child will look like?", "I hope they're cute" and "I want twin girls". LOL.

I'm not really in a rush, but I would really like to find out what this next stage of womanhood feels like and how it would fit on me. I am confident that I would be a good mother... Sometimes I just want to say "forget it!" and just take the plunge, but I would really like to do it
the way I've envisioned it in my head: as a wife.

*sigh* I don't feel empty, per se, but I want to feel more complete if that makes any sense. I really enjoy my independence and being able to generously "selfish", if you will, but I wo
uld not balk at having to share and sacrifice for someone else... A little someone else.

Eh, we'll see. I have a little bit more time. To be continued...

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